Awards, recognitions

The Budapest Waterworks developed its social engagement based on well justified and transparent principles. Support principles of the Company setting out those guidelines and topics which promote the amplification of the company’s “good citizen” image, filling up the company’s image with new content, emphasize the direction of progress and are in accordance with other communicated objectives. It arises as a legitimate claim that the Budapest Waterworks just like other similar size large companies, in addition to the high level of service activities also should act in the public interest as well. Judgement of the Company also has an impact on the judgement of the services.






Awards, recognitions

  • Business Superbrands (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010)
  • Hungarian Brands (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012)
  • DWA Wastewater Technology Competition certificate (IFAT Munich, 2014) >>
  • Construction Industry Award, Environmental protection and water facility category (2013)
  • Construction Industry Award, Infrastructure category (2013)
  • Green Office Compettition communication special award (2010) >>
  • For the Economy of Budapest award (2009)
  • Website of the Year quality award (2008) >>
  • European energy championship (2008) >>
  • Greenest Exhibition Stand (Garden Expo, Green Expo 2007)
  • XVI. Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize tender (2007)
  • IENA gold medal (Nürnberg, 2005)
  • ARCA (Zagreb, 2005)
  • Memorial Certificate from the Ministry of Economy and Transport and from the Hungarian Interchurch Aid Organization for the help in southeast Asia (2005)
  • Memorial certificate from the Government of Hungary for the assistance in Sri Lanka (2005)
  • UN INSARAG (2005)
  • Invention Grand Prize (2005)
  • Master of the Environmental Protection (2005)
  • Environmental Work of Art (Environmental Innovation Competition, 2005)
  • House of Hungarian Quality award (2005)
  • XIV. Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize tender (2005)
  • Bronze Pen (Hungarian Academic and Industrial Journals 2004)


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