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Do you know that...

  • ...the average value of drinking water leaking away in case of network damage (cracked or burst water pipe, etc.) at the properties of the customers of Budapest Waterworks amounts to HUF 71,000*?
  • ...the water leaking away this way constitutes part of water consumption just like the water used for everyday activities (washing, cooking, laundry, etc.)?
  • ...this may cause serious financial burden for the customer?
  • ...our Waterproof Protection service provides a solution to such problems?
  • ... Waterproof Protection helps paying your water invoices in the event of job loss or incapacity for work?

Waterproof Protection is a group insurance offered by UNION Insurance Company to provide protection for the customers of Budapest Waterworks against risks arising from water leakage. In case of a water pipe burst, the insurance company may pay as much as HUF 80,000 to private individuals and HUF 250,000 to non-natural persons holding a Waterproof Protection.

Waterproof Protection also provides protection to private individuals in unforeseen situations such as job loss or incapacity for work: the insurance company pays HUF 6,000 per month to the insured in order to help with the payment of water invoices during the period of unemployment or incapacity for work, but for a maximum period of 6 months. During the period of insurance, the insurance company provides the service in case of unemployment or incapacity for work (separately) for a maximum of 18 months.

Waterproof Protection can be used easily and quickly, and it provides protection already for HUF 572** per month!

The conditions of the insurance, further details, and the downloadable forms are available exclusively in Hungarian >>


* Average value of water per consumer and incident that leaked away at the properties of the customers of Budapest Waterworks in 2012.
** Gross price not including a one-off administration cost of HUF 427. Prices remain valid until they are withdrawn. We reserve the right to change our prices.

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