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Wastewater drainage and treatment

In recent years, our Company has played an important role in the wastewater treatment of Budapest, and also in the wastewater disposal and treatment of the conurbation settlements. In addition to this, municipal utilities managed by our Company – with Hungarian and EU supports – received billions in development projects.

Wastewater utilities managed by our Company

  • Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (BKSZTT): With the construction of the treatment plant, 95% of Budapest’s wastewater is returned to the Danube after biological treatment. You can read more about the BKSZTT here:

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  • Overall channellisation of the Szentendre Island (DCST project) serves to protect water resources of the Budapest Waterworks – thus the drinking water supply of Budapest and a number of agglomeration settlement. Special horizontal wells on the Szentendre Island are crucial in the water supply of Budapest. There is no wastewater treatment on the island, the collected wastewater is delivered to the wastewater treatment plant of Szentendre under the Danube, where it is treated with excellent efficiency.
  • With greenfield investment in Budakeszi, a state of the art wastewater treatment plant was built with a 20 km long channel system using the most up to date technology of the 21st century. With that, wastewater disposal of the city’s „tarnished” part, Makkosmária, could be solved. The biological membrane filtration wastewater treatment (MBR) treats wastewater with better efficiency than ever before.
  • On the Csepel Island, a series of complex investments improve wastewater quality. In Tököl and Szigetszentmiklós, plant reconstruction and expansion, channellisation of the so-called Bucka city part, and the so-called RSD project (channellisation of the Ráckeve-Soroksár Danube section which includes mostly vacation areas) serve to improve water quality of the Danube by Soroksár.
  • In Biatorbágy, a new sludge dewatering plant was established. The Company plans further developments on both the plant and the network (wastewater pumps).
  • Operation of the Százhalombatta Wastewater Treatment Plant which is responsible for the wastewater treatment of approximately 19,000 people was taken over by our Company on 1 April 2016. In addition to the operation of the plant Budapest Waterworks also responsible for the operation and maintenance of 60 km main line, nearly 18 km long connection line and the related pumping stations. Due to the advanced biological treatment the plant keeps the quality indicators of the treated wastewater continuously under the required limit values.

Budapest Waterworks has ensured high-quality drinking water for the residents of Budapest since nearly one and a half century and now also for the agglomeration, and has about 10 years of experience in wastewater disposal and treatment.