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Questions and answares about wastewater drainage and treatment

Does the Budapest Wastewater Treatment Plant treat the wastewater of whole Budapest?

Budapest’s wastewater is treated by three wastewater treatment plants: the Northern Pest, the Southern Pest and the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant receives the wastewaterfrom the districts of Buda and the inner city through the pumping stations in Ferencváros and Kelenföld.

How much wastewater is received by the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant per hour/day?

Received wastewater is 230,000 m3/day, and its distribution varies depending on the population activity and the time of the day.

What happens with the wastewater sludge? Where does it go?

The dewatered sludge waste is composted and it is biodegradable.

Is the wastewater sludge hazardous waste?


Is the energy produced from biogas enough to cover the plant’s energy needs?

Energy produced from the biogas covers about 60% of our electricity needs. During the summer, it covers the entire heat needs of the plant (pasteurization, digestion), but during the winter, heating of the plant cannot be entirely covered by the heat produced by the engines, in this case boilers and natural gas are also used.

Why not sell the generated energy?

Typically, the system produces excess heat energy to be sold only during the summer. To build a system suitable to sell the produced energy would have such high investment costs, the pay-off of which is impossible.

What is the biofilter for?

The biofilter cleans contaminated air generated and collected in the closed wastewater treatment system.

Does the treated water go into the Danube? How?

At the end of the process, the treated water is removed from the plant through an outlet which is located in the bed of the Danube.

How many days does it take to clean the wastewater after it is received?

Received wastewater goes through the whole technology in one day. The resulting sludge undergoes a further treatment for another 26 days.

Industrial or communal wastewater is treated in the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant?

The Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant treats only communal wastewater.