Gold standard for utility performance

Cogeneration unit

Sterilization of the sludge and biogas production are carried out by thermophilic digestion in the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (BKSZTT). The average biogas production is 1,000 Nm3/hour. This biogas is utilised by the cogeneration unit, thus reducing the energy needs of the plant. There are 3 gas boilers and 3 gas engines for this purpose. Normally, biogas is used by the gas engines to produce about 56 MW electricity. This is approximately 55-60% of the plant’s electricity need. Parallel with this, 2.1 MW heat energy is also produced. This heat energy covers the energy needs of pasteurization and digestion, as well as the heating of the technological buildings during the winter in order to prevent condensation. If the amount of heat produced by the engines is not enough, the remaining demand is covered by the boilers. Normally, they operate using natural gas.

Schematic illustration of the 3 units

Schematic illustration of the gas engines and gas boilers

Equipment technical data sheet

Gas engines: JMS 420 GS-B/N.LC

Boilers: LOOS UNIMAT UT-L 18x6

Biogas quality and quantity

Biogas quality: Methane content is between 60% and 62%, the rest is CO2

Biogas quantity: 1,000 Nm3/h on average