Gold standard for utility performance

We deliver fresh and healthy drinking water for over 2 million people in Budapest and 21 agglomeration settlements every day. A 5,234 km long pipeline system connects our wells on the Csepel Island, the Margaret Island, the Szentendre Island, and on the left and right banks of the Danube with the water taps of the homes and workplaces, from where on any day of the year and any minute of the day we can access the life-giving water, the purity of which is guaranteed by our water quality tests using world-class technologies.

In Budapest and the surrounding areas, there are a number of manufacturers and service providers which require less pure water compared to the drinking water, but significant amount of it. For them we provide industrial water – strictly separated from the water intended for human consumption – through a separate pipeline system. Application of industrial water also has strict rules, thus it is applied only for processes such as cooling of structures and machines.

Our wells are capable to produce and deliver 1 million cubic metre water every day, which is about 500,000 cubic metres more than the amount consumed by the population of Budapest on an average day. However, despite of water abundance, we always keep it in mind that we work with the treasure of the nature that must be protected by all means.