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Mobile water purification and packaging

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Mobile water purification and packaging systems

Do you seek a solution to an efficient and safe potable water supply even in extraordinary situations? Do you need an easy-to-use mobile equipment?

Budapest Waterworks has been providing potable water service in Budapest and in the agglomeration settlements in more than 150 years. Besides the traditional form of city water supply, we also have to provide potable water services to the population and to the institutions even under extraordinary conditions, when we have to deliver water in an unusual manner, form, and place.

Under extraordinary situations of operational failures, floods, inland waters, industrial disasters, or a tsunami, the provision of healthy potable water is absolutely necessary to prevent lack of water or infections, which requires alternative solutions.

We are ready to provide and share the portable, modular water purification and packaging systems – implemented through development – with our partners.

We continuously develop our technologies by combining our experiences with the professional skills of our engineers to be able to deliver clean, healthy water in compliance with the customer expectations even under extreme conditions.


Mobile water purification and packaging