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Budapest Waterworks has been involved in purification of contaminated water and packaging in bags of potable water in disasters and emergency situations since the 80s. We have been operating mobile potable water purification and packaging equipment jointly with the Civil Defence since the 90s, and they have already proved their worth many times. These deployments contributed with plenty of experiences to our basic knowledge of water quality and water purification that have been cumulated in the life and history of our company – a company responsible for supply of potable water.

In January 2005, following the huge destruction caused by the South-Asian tsunami among others in Sri Lanka, our colleagues transformed the existing equipment to be portable by air, and flew to the site within a short time to supply local people – and those involved in the rescue and reconstruction works – with potable water.

The idea was raised at this point that we need an equipment which is portable and can be put into operation very quickly, as well as able to treat surface water and produce and package potable water. As we already had the technical background, as well as the professional and practical experiences, we could start development of the equipment.

These and similar equipment were used several times to supply the population in the areas hit by disasters, where our colleagues and the rescue team provided packaged and free-outflow potable water. Our equipment have already proved their worth both domestically and internationally (in Romania and Ukraine).